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I enjoy history, particularly American History. Our country was the only country founded on a radical idea. Governments are created to protect rights, not grant them. By “Rights” the founders meant natural rights of life, liberty & happiness (which also means property, or opportunity).

Unfortunately, rights have expanded to include the use of force by government to rights not in the constitution. Such “rights” include healthcare, education, retirement. Sadly, to grant these rights, the money must be taken from taxpayers to pay for these “rights”. And, these universal government programs force all of us to to participate, even if we would prefer the freedom of choice.

As a result of my beliefs, I ran as the 3rd party candidate for US Senate in 2002.

After retiring as an IT executive for over 30 years, I was a full time instructor at the University System of Georgia state school, Kennesaw State. I taught marketing, consumer behavior, professional selling & sales management.

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